The Best Food Allergy Apps for Kids


Kids are learning in a digital world, with games, apps and eBooks, and learning about their own food allergies shouldn’t be any different. You may teach your child directly and lead by example, but the power of an app and game designed just for kids cannot be overstated. Here are some of the best food allergy apps available to help your child learn about allergies in a way that is both fun and effective.

Allergy Reality

Described as “an educational gaming app for food allergies,” Allergy Reality was created by moms of kids with food allergies. They realized there was a lack of resources designed to help kids and to really engage them. The app gamifies learning about food allergies and helps children learn how to make safe food choices and how to read and interpret food labels while leveling up and learning at the same time. The app covers five of the biggest food allergies: dairy, soy, eggs, nuts and wheat.


BugaBees: Friends with Food Allergies is an app, learning tool and game that aims to help young children with food allergies feel less alone. Having a food allergy can be isolating, but this game brings children virtual friends with allergies to help develop a sense of support and community. The characters are kid-friendly and allow children to see how others struggle with food allergies, just like they do. Each one has an allergy to one of the top eight food allergens, and their interactive stories teach kids about the allergens and choosing the right foods to stay safe.

My Food Detective

Solving the mystery of which foods are safe and which could be deadly is confusing and stressful for children, but My Food Detective makes it fun. Children can use the app to scan barcodes on foods after entering their allergen information. The result will show a happy or sad face depending on whether or not the food is safe to eat. The parent of a child with food allergy who created the app wanted to make food fun again, and that’s just what My Food Detective does.


Wizdy Diner

Wizdy Diner is a fun app that takes gaming and food allergy education to the next level. Wizdy has to serve a space feast and keep his alien customers happy by avoiding each one’s food allergens. Kids have to learn which foods are safe for individuals with allergies and win points for making the right choices. Wizdy earns his stars for great allergen-free service and gets get a fast-paced and fun game that also teaches them all about navigating food with an allergy. There is a similar app called Wizdy Pets for asthma.


Developed just for kids, KungFood is an app that was specifically designed to improve the quality of life for those living with food allergies. The app can be personalized, gamifies learning about allergies, contains a quick reference guide, includes trivia games and has a tool that simulates an allergy reaction. The app is designed to help kids learn but also to make them feel safer and more empowered.

At least some aspects of living with food allergies can be fun with these gamified apps. But, they go well beyond fun. Learning about allergies and having access to information quickly helps children feel empowered in the face of living with a potentially deadly allergy. These apps are great for increasing knowledge and self-confidence, and most are either free or only a few dollars.