How Food Allergy Merchandise Can Help Your Child


As a parent of a child with a food allergy, you know that food allergies can be tough for kids. They may have trouble knowing what they can eat, and food allergies can cause them to be excluded and even bullied by other kids. Of course, we want to do everything we can to make their lives better. Thankfully, the arrival of food allergy merchandise can improve the lives of kids with allergies in a number of ways.

What is Food Allergy Merchandise?

If you haven’t encountered it yet, food allergy merchandise is made up of items for sale that are focused on the issue of food allergies. Companies sell a variety of merchandise with designs related to food allergies, many identifying a specific allergen. Merchandise options that are available include shirts, mugs, bracelets, stickers, buttons and other items. A lot of the merchandise is wearable to identify or empower kids with allergies.

Purposes of Merchandise for Kids

You could decide to purchase this type of merchandise for various reasons that can improve your child’s life and your own life. These products are designed to help in specific ways:

Alerting Others: Some products help identify your child and their food allergens. For example, there is a line of t-shirts that says, “Don’t feed [child’s name]” followed by a list of common allergens and blank spaces. You are able to customize the shirt, filling in your child’s name and checking the allergen(s) your child needs to stay away from. This is a great way to identify your child as having an allergy and making it very clear what they can’t eat to whomever is with your child. This shirt would be ideal for school trips and extracurricular activities where you will not be present. Alternatively, you could purchase an alert sticker that could be attached to any item of clothing. On a daily basis, ID jewelry or tags provide an alert in a more subtle way.

Empowerment: Food allergy merchandise provides a powerful way to empower your children. For example, the Allergy Superheroes brand changes the script from an allergy being a detriment to it being something that makes your child stand out in a good way. This can help your child feel better about him or herself and be proud of their strengths. As one example, the brand sells a t-shirt that displays the printed design “Peanuts Are My Nemesis But I’m Still a Superhero!” These shirts also provide an alert about the allergy as they identify the specific food allergy. The peanut one shows an image of a peanut in a crossed-out circle with the term “peanut allergy” around it.

Improving Your Lives: Some merchandise is designed to make your life with a food allergy easier and better for everyone involved. For example, Allergy Apparel sells belts and carrying cases that make it simple for kids to carry epinephrine auto-injectors such as EpiPen. This category also includes products such as allergy-friendly holiday kits to make holidays more fun while still safe, and accessories like colorful slap bracelets and shoelaces that make having an allergy a little lighter for a child.

Awareness and Fundraising: In addition to everyday use, you could use food allergy merchandise within awareness and fundraising efforts and events. You can find teal shoelaces and temporary tattoos with the cause ribbon on them to designate the food allergy cause, as well as other items that are ideal for events, such as wristbands, t-shirts, stickers, buttons and holiday items.

What kinds of food allergy merchandise have you found useful or fun?


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