How Family and Friends Can Support Those with Food Allergies


Going through life with food allergies is always a challenge. Having supportive friends and family is important to avoiding one’s allergens. Olivier Deldicque has a food allergy and has formed a group of friends and family as his support squad. According to Olivier, his support squad is close people who support someone with food allergies. His support squad keeps him healthy and have a more positive outlook on life. How can friends and family be supportive of someone with food allergies? 

Educate About the Allergy

The first step in being an ally to someone with food allergies is to learn about their allergies. Be sure to learn about their allergies from either their parents or the child. Learn about what should be done to protect the person with food allergies and what next to be done if they eat their allergen. Some questions to learn the answers of are: What does it look like when they have an allergic reaction? Do they need an EpiPen? Who do is the emergency contact? Asking questions is always good, even if you know the information. The more knowledgeable you are about the allergy, the more supportive you can be.

Take Precautionary Steps

Once you know about the food allergies, you need to learn how to take precautionary steps to prevent the allergen from coming into contact with the person with allergies. One precautionary step you can take is to wash their hands with soap and water after coming into contact with food. Wipes and hand sanitizers do not clean off all allergens. To properly wash hands, scrub with soap for at least twenty seconds. 

Another step you can take is to not share food. While you may know the allergies of someone, giving them food may still put them at risk. Utensils can lead to cross contamination. It is always better to act more safe than risk the life of someone with food allergies. Dining out at restaurants may also be a problem for those with food allergies. Always ask the person with food allergies if they are comfortable in going to a specific restaurant. If you aren’t sure where to go, don’t be afraid to ask the person with food allergies what places work best for them. 

Be Kind

Food allergies are not easy to deal with for anyone. Providing the support for someone can mean a world of difference for them. Food allergies can bring stress and a lot of emotional troubles. Fear and stress play big parts in food allergies. Being supportive means helping them manage their fear and relax them. At times, the person with food allergies may be embarrassed about their allergies. Being there for the person with food allergies and letting them know you care about them can make them feel more comfortable with coping with their allergies. 

How do you support someone with food allergies? What sort of support does your child need when dealing with their food allergies? Comment below and share your tips and tricks with us! 

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