Can School Supplies Contain Food Allergens? What You Need To Know


The school year has started and you may be ready to manage your child’s allergies at school. Food is always the main concern when going to school, but what about school supplies? Some school supplies can be made from allergens. Here are some school supplies to keep an eye out for when your child is going back to school!

Some crayons can be made with soy. When purchasing crayons, be sure to check if they are made from soybean oil. If you don’t want to risk purchasing crayons with soy, look for markers or colored pencils instead. Dustless chalk may include casein, a milk protein that causes allergic reactions. Good alternatives would be dry erase boards. 

There are some types of glue that do include wheat in the ingredients. These glues are typically alternatives to plastic and synthetic glues. Luckily big brands like Elmer’s have gluten free glue. Play-Doh is made with wheat and their website states that children may have allergic reactions. There are plenty of gluten-free playdough recipes online, like this one from

There is a version of tempera paint that is made from egg. There are some tempera paints that are not made of egg so always check what the paint is made of! If you don’t want to risk it, look into oil paints as an alternative. Finger Paint is fun for all ages, but can be dangerous for those with wheat or milk allergies. There was even a baby who got hospitalized due to finger paint. Elmer’s Finger Paints contain wheat while pudding finger paint is made with milk. Be very cautious when finding a finger paint for your child. 

Hand Soaps, liquid or solid, can contain wheat, dairy, soy, or nuts. If you suspect your child’s school has a soap containing an allergy, make sure your child has their own hand wash or hand sanitizer. It’s preferred to use paper towels over cloth, since cloth towns can potentially carry food residue. 

There are a lot more potential dangers in the classroom, such as musical instruments and play kitchens. Always talk with your child’s teacher and school on how they keep public items allergen free. 

 What other school supplies can be made from food allergies? Are you surprised at any of the school supplies above? Comment below and share your stories with us! Do you want your story featured in our blog?  Submit your story to our Share Your Story Page! Want to help support My Kid’s Food Allergies? Check our products made by us, for you! 

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