Can My Dog Have Food Allergies, Too?


While you know a your child can have allergies, what about your dog? Can your dog have food allergies as well? The answer is yes. Jut like humans, dogs can develop food allergies and intolerance. But, how common are they? Are they severe? Continue reading to discover the basics of food allergies for dogs.

Food Allergies

Food Allergies for dogs are not as common as many think. Typically, dogs have food sensitives or intolerance instead. Dog’s food allergies are different than our own. Their main reaction is itchy skin which can lead to scratching, hair loss, recurring ear infections, and itchy rectal areas. Vomiting and diarehea can also be signs of food allergies. Food allergies in dogs can cause anaphylaxis, if severe enough. Food intolerance in dog’s have similar signs to food allergies.  

The most common allergens for dogs are meat, dairy, and eggs. It’s rather uncommon for grains to be the cause of food allergies. If a dog has one allergy, there may be more as more than a third of dogs that have one food allergy tend to have another food allergy. Food additives can trigger a reaction or intolerance symptoms such as colorants or preservative. Dogs do not have a typical age for when food allergy symptoms start to appear. 


Just as humans, there is not cure for food allergies for dogs. Advoiding the allergen and controlling the environment around the dog is the typical treatment for food allergies. Vets may prescribe medicine, special food, or medicated shampoos. If a dog has a more severe allergy, they may need allergy injections as treatment.

If a vet diagnoses a dog with food allergies, they will start with an elimination diet or a home cooked diet. Once the specific allergen is identified, some can go back to over-the-counter diets. Some over-the-counter diets can contain ingredients in small amounts that are not listed on the label. There can be a risk of starting off with over-the-counter diets and vets will be able to help anyone with a dog with food allergies find what diet works best.

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