Best Food Allergy Online Support


When you have a child who is newly diagnosed with food allergies, you’re likely to be hit with a lot of stress. There are many resources you can find; one example is kids’ food allergies forums or blogs. In these online resources, you can find guides, tips and care management for food allergies, support community and more.

Thousands of readers of About Food Allergies voted for the best websites they felt offered the best support for living and managing food allergies. Here are the top 5 kids’ food allergies forums. Each site provides a different type of support, and each is very much needed.

Allergic Child 

– This is an online resource for educational materials and how-to guides that offers a monthly eNewsletter dedicated to raising a child with food allergies. You can also find a library of articles on managing food allergies. This website is written by Nicole Smith, the author of the Allie the Allergic Elephant series of children’s books.

Best Allergy Sites 

– A directory of websites and online information about food allergies and intolerances. This website brings together educational materials, research, recipes and coupons for allergy-friendly foods all in one place. The site also contains information on managing allergies at home, school and while travelling.

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network 

– FAAN is a non-profit organization that provides advocacy and education. The site contains a number of articles and videos about major allergens, managing food allergies in schools and safe food handling for restaurant workers.


– This website hosts a huge database of restaurants that people with food allergies can rate and search. Members of the site can rate restaurants on their allergy friendliness and read ratings and comments left by other site users.

Kids with Food Allergies Foundation 

– KFA is a non-profit organization that provides online support for parents of children with food allergies. The foundation has educational materials and extensive kids’ food allergies online forums where parents offer each other peer-to-peer support. Forum participation is free for everyone. The site provides articles on such topics as managing holidays for children with food allergies. There’s also a library of recipes that are submitted by more than 1,200 members.