Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains


Going out to eat with food allergies can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to go. Navigating the world of what restaurants are allergy-friendly seems daunting and stressful. Here are 4 tips for managing food allergies at restaurants and how restaurants and food service kitchens can avoid cross contact. Surprisingly, there are many restaurants out there that are allergy-friendly and have tools to find what foods have specific allergies. Here are some of the more popular chain restaurants that are allergy friendly.

Fast Food


The golden arches of McDonald’s host quick and delicious fast food. From their burgers to their ice cream, McDonald’s has plenty of items that are allergen-friendly. It is a safe place to go when you are on the move, at airports or on the road. Lunch, breakfast or dinner, plenty of their meals are allergy-friendly. Use their online tool to find what items are allergy-friendly.


Like McDonald’s, their food is delicious and fast. Known for always using fresh beef and their Frosties, Wendy’s is a great place to go for a quick meal for any meal of the day. Wendy’s lists allergen info on their website, restaurants, and on their app. To look for allergen-friendly foods on their website, click here.


Chick-fil-A is known for their crunchy chicken and waffle fries. Serving lunch and dinner, there are plenty items on their menu that are allergy-friendly. Click here to find out what items are allergy-friendly.

Sit-Down Restaurants

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle is known for their build your own burritos and bowls. With a range of Mexican items to add, there are countless items to eat at Chipotle. Customization also means that it is a lot easier to avoid allergens. To find out what items are allergen safe at Chipotle, check out their Allergens and Special diet page!

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Italian food can be a big challenge when trying to eat allergy-friendly. Luckily, Olive Garden has plenty of allergy-friendly items and is very committed to being allergy-friendly.Read about their commitments to being allergy-friendly on their website and their allergen guide.

Red Robin

Craving a burger but are worried about allergies? Red Robin is the right place to go. Red Robin even has an interactive allergen menu you can use to find the right meal for your needs. Click here to read about their Allergen Program!

P.F. Chang’s

Asian food is wonderful to eat, but can be risky for certain allergies. P.F. Chang’s caters to many allergies. Check their online menu to find what items are allergy-friendly.

Wanting to find more allergy-friendly restaurants, even local ones? Check out Allergy Eats and their search engine. Also check out Spokin to find more allergy-friendly restaurants and a community of parents like you.

What restaurants that you know of that are allergy-friendly? Do you have a favorite place to go? Comment below and share with us your favorite restaurants!

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