Allergy-Friendly Meal Ideas Free From the Top 8


Allergy-friendly cooking is challenging enough when you only have to focus on one or two allergens, but the challenge goes to another level when you’re steering clear of the entire top 8 food allergens: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat and soybeans.

Nonetheless, this may be something you’re faced with in the kitchen, whether on a daily basis or once in a while. Maybe your child has multiple allergies or family members have different allergies you need to cater to, or perhaps you’re cooking for a crowd and want to make sure it’s safe for everyone.

Regardless of the reason, you need some top 8 allergen-free meals to make. It may seem nearly impossible to cook without these kitchen staples, but trust us, it’s not. Here are some delicious and safe ideas for you to try, but be sure to read the ingredient list on any recipe to make sure it works for your crowd.

Out-of-the-Ordinary Salads

Even with allergy restrictions, there is a lot of leeway you can take with salads. While salads may not seem like a complete meal, you can add ingredients that make them filling, fully nutritious and appealing for everyone. A great bonus about salads is that you have the option to put out separate ingredients and let people build their own based on their needs, although some children may require support.

To make a salad a top 8-free meal, you could serve a variety of vegetables, seeds and beans with an allergen-free dressing. Also, fruit can be a great salad topper, such as dried cranberries, mandarin slices, olives or fresh coconut pieces. Make sure you read the ingredients on the dressing label or make your own version. You could also create a pasta salad with a wheat- and egg-free pasta or noodle.

For a great option, try this Mediterranean potato salad with nut-free, dairy-free pesto dressing. It includes baby potatoes for a filling addition to a lighter salad.

Stews and Soups

Soups and stews are great comfort foods that offer the perfect way to enjoy meat, beans and vegetables without the allergens you’re aiming to avoid. Choose recipes depending on what your family or guests enjoy. You could make beef stew, chili, chicken and rice soup, white bean soup and a variety of other choices. When you make a homemade version, you skip the added ingredients that could pose a problem and instead have control over what goes in the stew.

Try this beef stew recipe as one option, and serve it with a salad or other top 8 allergy-free side dish.

Meat Dishes

There’s a lot you can do with meat dishes even when you’re avoiding the top 8 food allergens. Try grilled or roasted chicken, beef or pork served with rice, mixed vegetables or a dairy-free potato dish, such as potatoes roasted in olive oil, garlic and herbs. You may like chicken fajitas on corn tortillas or this shepherd’s pie recipe. If you need a vegetarian option, rely on beans in recipes such as black bean burgers on a top 8 allergy-free bun or served over beans and rice.

We hope you and your family or guests enjoy these Top 8-free meal ideas. Let us know which ones you liked best and if you have other meal ideas to share.


Have you tried any of the allergy-friendly recipes on our website? Our recipes are designed to providing delicious and nutritious meals while catering to a variety of allergen-free needs, and we’re adding recipes constantly to help you cook allergy-friendly meals for the whole family. Click here to browse our recipe database, many of which are top 8 allergen-free.

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