Worried about your kid's food allergies?

Children’s food allergies can be scary, life-altering, and expensive. We’re here to help.


What We Do

Our goal at My Kid’s Food Allergies is to protect children with food allergies through education, resources and professional connections. We strive to provide families with the best and most up-to-date information about everything food allergies. From articles about the basics of food allergies to the latest research, we provide everything you need to live and to thrive with food allergies in your family.



Our recipes are designed to cater to allergy needs by providing delicious and nutritious meals. We are adding recipes constantly to help you cook allergy friendly meals. Cooking with food allergies in mind should be easy and simple as normal cooking. If you have your own food allergy recipe, add it to our catalog to help other’s have delicious meals.



Our resources are here to help you in your day to day life with having a child with food allergies. Raising a child with food allergies is challenging, and we hope our resources make the day to day easier.



Our blog aims to inform you about food allergies and news. We want to inform you with the latest information on all food allergy topics and tips on improving your family’s life. From water bottle allergies, to clothing and companies designed for those with food allergies, our blog will provide you with a better understanding of anything food allergy related.